Let’s talk about the lighting

The lighting you use in the space of the living room or living room will depend a lot on what mood you want to give it and what you want to use it for. It will also give you a touch of comfort and tranquility for your eyes in case it is a space to read. Too little or too much lighting is not perfect. For this I decided on this occasion to help you with this giving you the types of lighting for a room.


There are two types of lighting for a room or living room: the artificial and the natural. The two go hand in hand; natural lighting is the one that enters through the doors or windows during the day, and artificial lighting is provided by lamps or floodlights.

Artificial lighting:

This type of lighting can vary in quality and quantity. It will depend a lot on the type of light you want to use. Instead of placing a single lamp right in the center of the ceiling of the room, you can let yourself be carried by your imagination and use lamps in different places with many shades. This way you will have an attractive atmosphere and the room will look modern.




Natural lighting:

This type of lighting in a room can be achieved with large windows, skylights and more. If you want to adjust the amount of natural light then you can place curtains, but these do not have to be dark colors because otherwise it will completely block the passage of light into the space. If you have a computer or television in this room, you should place them away from the natural light since, otherwise, it can be a bit difficult to see the screen well.


Likewise the natural light will allow you to save electricity and will create a more natural and at the same time warm environment, so you should make the most of the hours of sunshine both in the summer and winter season. In addition, your sofas will always look great with both natural and artificial lighting

Always remember that adequate lighting is necessary for any stay in the house, and is very important for several reasons. Decide the best lighting but taking into account the activities you do daily in your beautiful room or living room.

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