The 5 best furniture for French cuisine Experience

Hello guys, today I decided to talk about the kitchen, and how to provide it an incredible French style. The kitchen is one of those environments where we spend a lot of time. French kitchens stand out for having a vintage or rustic style. In turn, modern bespoke kitchens are very functional, because not by chance the French are the kings of gastronomy.


A modern kitchen that reflects tradition

One of the outstanding characteristics of the French style is tradition. Therefore, to reflect that style implies having old elements. An example of this is placing kitchen utensils, such as pots, pans on metal bars on the wall.

Another element that generates an ancient atmosphere, is the type of material. Bronze and copper are very used metals from centuries ago.

If you’re looking for bespoke kitchen designers, there are quite a few options available:

Have a look at their project galleries and take inspiration for your own bespoke kitchen.

Much yellow and brown

These are the colors that predominate in any French kitchen furniture. From the color of the walls to the frames of the paintings that decorate them, they should have some of these colors.



Field elements

Everything in the country is directly associated with this style of bespoke kitchens. For this reason, in the best French cuisines predominantly materials like the raffia and the wood. If you want to delve into this line you can include fabrics with geometric motifs. For example the tablecloths and curtains in quadrille are wonderful.



Include blue and green carefully

These two colors are used but in a particular way. In the best French kitchens you will find them in motifs such as window frames or doors. Do not abuse them.

Many dried flowers

More than natural plants, the best French kitchens stand out for having many dry floral decorations. Whether in garland shapes or decorating vases, dried flowers and pastels are the most used. In addition, those herbs are very useful to give a special touch to what you are cooking

And now, you have the first ideas to decorate your kitchen with furniture and the best French style.



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