Colors to Decorate Modern Interiors

If you are speculating in decorating some of the interiors of your house you have to follow this little guide on what will be the trend of colors and how to combine it in a simple way.

Beautiful stone tones:

This year’s trend is to paint the furniture or walls with the colors of the beautiful stones. Some shades like sapphire and ruby ​​are the furor in modern interior decoration as well as emerald green, which is used to paint all the walls of a room. Other tones like opal and garnet are used to paint the furniture or a single wall to leave the other things of a more neutral color, such as white.


Black and gray:

Black and gray are all a rage in all minimalist style decorations. The white walls have already lost a bit of prominence and as new for this year are the details in gray or black. If perhaps you have a space a little broad, you can paint it with these two colors will give an elegant, modern and luxurious look. For this, you should avoid at all costs furniture of shades other than those that are within the range of colors.



Bronze and gold, another perfect option:

Bronze and gold are two great options for decorating modern interiors. The shades of metallic colors will give any space a unique and modern look. If you want to give her a touch more feminine and romantic, combine them with the pastel tones.

In case you wish to give a modern look to the total decoration, a great idea is to combine these shades of colors with white or black and even with grays. It can also be used in case you want the stay to look vintage. In this chaos you can add elements in bronze or gold to the general decoration such as shelves or frames.



Very fashionable pastel colors:

The vintage style is more stable than nape; this is thanks to the use of pastels. You can use these soft colors on pillows, curtains, furniture or on the walls. You can also add details in stronger tones like the range of precious stones or metallic to give a unique and original style to the general decoration.


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