Things you need to know about modern sofas

Modern sofas are quite different of the ones our parents were used to. Today sofas are better and that is caused to some changes in building, the material used and the care they need

Modern sofas are constructed from a wooden frame, which is made together with blocks, glue and screws. Traditionally, the safety springs are with a strap base, but some sofas incorporate spirals and springs attached to metal bands, which extend from the front to the back of the frame. In a spring design, the springs are S-shaped or serpentine springs are used.

The fabric is the most important thing about the structure of a sofa. Texture and stamped fabrics are more tolerant than smooth, you should avoid loose fabrics. By law, all upholstered furniture must be fireproof; A square label with a green border indicates that it is resistant to a lit cigarette and a lit match; A triangular oscillation tag with a red edge shows that the cover is not as sturdy but has a properly fire resistant underlay below.

Covers of good quality:
It is a matter of taste and the practicality of what type of coverage to choose for your couch, the first priority must be quality. Keep in mind that even fabrics of the same structure, may have different qualities depending on their producer. Manufacturers of high level, are testing all the fabrics in their collection. Each material has to pass the Martindale test, which determines how each of them is resistant to wear. The greater the result of this test (larger number), the more resistant and the longer the fabric.


Care and Cleaning:
Depending on what the structure of the fabric is. Can be dry-cleaned or machine. It is certainly an absolute advantage, however, keep in mind that some stains (food, liquid or other things depending on their chemical structure) can be very difficult or even impossible to remove. It does not depend on the quality of the fabric, as it is usually influenced by the type of stain. Therefore, if you have small children, you should choose dark fabrics or natural leather that will be much easier to clean. Remember, if you have your sofa dirty or spilled something on it, try to clean or wash it immediately, no matter what type of cover your sofa has. Otherwise the stains become larger and you will not be able to remove them. Each fabric, depending on the structure (linen, cotton, viscose or synthetic) has its own cleaning recommendation.

If you have made a good choice, you can sit and enjoy your furniture in the best possible conditions

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