About Me

Hello everybody, my name is Jason Arau. I am someone who is really in love with home design, I feel great when I see an incredible combination of colors, the impact that some styles and furniture can generate on specific places. I always help my friends with my advice about decoration, then, they told me to create a blog about it.

After meditate it for a long time, I have decided to give a chance to this idea. I will provide you with all my knowledge and personal opinion with home design. If you need tips, a guide or just advice for this awesome experience, gladly I will help you with that.

Home design is not as easy as it looks like, you will need a balance among your creativity, the style you are looking for and a good relationship and contrast between colors and your furniture.

I hope this will be an incredible experience, where both of us (you, my friend who is reading this blog, and me) will learn a lot and become better by learning from each other. I am eager to see which will be the positive results of our interaction.