Let’s talk about the lighting

The lighting you use in the space of the living room or living room will depend a lot on what mood you want to give it and what you want to use it for. It will also give you a touch of comfort and tranquility for your eyes in case it is a space to read. Too little or too much lighting is not perfect. For this I decided on this occasion to help you with this giving you the types of lighting for a room.




There are two types of lighting for a room or living room: the artificial and the natural. The two go hand in hand; natural lighting is the one that enters through the doors or windows during the day, and artificial lighting is provided by lamps or floodlights.

Artificial lighting:

This type of lighting can vary in quality and quantity. It will depend a lot on the type of light you want to use. Instead of placing a single lamp right in the center of the ceiling of the room, you can let yourself be carried by your imagination and use lamps in different places with many shades. This way you will have an attractive atmosphere and the room will look modern.




Natural lighting:

This type of lighting in a room can be achieved with large windows, skylights and more. If you want to adjust the amount of natural light then you can place curtains, but these do not have to be dark colors because otherwise it will completely block the passage of light into the space. If you have a computer or television in this room, you should place them away from the natural light since, otherwise, it can be a bit difficult to see the screen well.



Likewise the natural light will allow you to save electricity and will create a more natural and at the same time warm environment, so you should make the most of the hours of sunshine both in the summer and winter season. In addition, your sofas will always look great with both natural and artificial lighting

Always remember that adequate lighting is necessary for any stay in the house, and is very important for several reasons. Decide the best lighting but taking into account the activities you do daily in your beautiful room or living room.



The 5 best furniture for French cuisine

Hello guys, today I decided to talk about the kitchen, and how to provide it an incredible French style. The kitchen is one of those environments where we spend a lot of time. French kitchens stand out for having a vintage or rustic style. In turn, modern kitchens are very functional, because not by chance the French are the kings of gastronomy.



A modern kitchen that reflects tradition

One of the outstanding characteristics of the French style is tradition. Therefore, to reflect that style implies having old elements. An example of this is placing kitchen utensils, such as pots, pans on metal bars on the wall.

Another element that generates an ancient atmosphere, is the type of material. Bronze and copper are very used metals from centuries ago.

Much yellow and brown

These are the colors that predominate in any French kitchen furniture. From the color of the walls to the frames of the paintings that decorate them, they should have some of these colors.




Field elements

Everything in the country is directly associated with this style of kitchens. For this reason, in the best French cuisines predominantly materials like the raffia and the wood. If you want to delve into this line you can include fabrics with geometric motifs. For example the tablecloths and curtains in quadrille are wonderful.



Include blue and green carefully

These two colors are used but in a particular way. In the best French kitchens you will find them in motifs such as window frames or doors. Do not abuse them.

Many dried flowers

More than natural plants, the best French kitchens stand out for having many dry floral decorations. Whether in garland shapes or decorating vases, dried flowers and pastels are the most used. In addition, those herbs are very useful to give a special touch to what you are cooking

And now, you  have the first ideas to decorate your kitchen with furniture and the best French style.




Modern Home Decorating Tips

Hello guys, today I want to give you some basic tips for your home decoration, I hope you enjoy them

If you have chosen modern as the style of your home, you are in good company. From 1933 to 1965, designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Marcel Breuer and George Nelson created some of the iconic mid-century modern designs that are so popular today. You can have a modern decor as well, if you follow these tips.



The Basics

The modern design is functional in your heart. Furniture has clean lines, everything has a purpose and there is not much fuss. Interesting forms and luxury materials are the order of the day. Above all, make it simple.

How to start

Start with clear exit space. Paint the walls in neutral tones, or white or black, for a true modern feel. Monochrome defines the era. For the floor, choose a natural material such as wood or bamboo. Open floor plans and giant windows were also common in modern design, so if you have been thinking about knocking down some walls, this is a good excuse to do so.




Find your Furniture

Since modern design does not rely heavily on accessories, put more effort into finding the perfect pieces of furniture. Sources of mid-century modern sofas, chairs and tables are plentiful. Antique stores and thrift stores are a good place to start, as they are online markets like Craigslist and eBay. If you are looking for new pieces, Design Within Reach offers reproductions of the classics, and retailers such as West Elm and EQ3 specialize in modern design. If you are on a budget, try IKEA.




Do not customize your design, which accentuate. Hang up some well-chosen pieces of art, find an iconic mid-century modern clock like George Nelson’s ball clock or Starburst design. Add some funky lamps to finish it off. Whatever you do, do not overdo it. Choose with care and prudence for a certain modern touch.

I hope you enjoyed this little guide and take advantage of it. Remember, the first step of decoration is to make sure you will feel comfortable with it.







Colors to Decorate Modern Interiors

If you are speculating in decorating some of the interiors of your house you have to follow this little guide on what will be the trend of colors and how to combine it in a simple way.

Beautiful stone tones:

This year’s trend is to paint the furniture or walls with the colors of the beautiful stones. Some shades like sapphire and ruby ​​are the furor in modern interior decoration as well as emerald green, which is used to paint all the walls of a room. Other tones like opal and garnet are used to paint the furniture or a single wall to leave the other things of a more neutral color, such as white.



Black and gray:

Black and gray are all a rage in all minimalist style decorations. The white walls have already lost a bit of prominence and as new for this year are the details in gray or black. If perhaps you have a space a little broad, you can paint it with these two colors will give an elegant, modern and luxurious look. For this, you should avoid at all costs furniture of shades other than those that are within the range of colors.




Bronze and gold, another perfect option:

Bronze and gold are two great options for decorating modern interiors. The shades of metallic colors will give any space a unique and modern look. If you want to give her a touch more feminine and romantic, combine them with the pastel tones.

In case you wish to give a modern look to the total decoration, a great idea is to combine these shades of colors with white or black and even with grays. It can also be used in case you want the stay to look vintage. In this chaos you can add elements in bronze or gold to the general decoration such as shelves or frames.




Very fashionable pastel colors:

The vintage style is more stable than nape; this is thanks to the use of pastels. You can use these soft colors on pillows, curtains, furniture or on the walls. You can also add details in stronger tones like the range of precious stones or metallic to give a unique and original style to the general decoration.





Something you need to know about modern sofas


Modern sofas are quite different of the ones our parents were used to. Today sofas are better and that is caused to some changes in building, the material used and the care they need



Modern sofas are constructed from a wooden frame, which is made together with blocks, glue and screws. Traditionally, the safety springs are with a strap base, but some sofas incorporate spirals and springs attached to metal bands, which extend from the front to the back of the frame. In a spring design, the springs are S-shaped or serpentine springs are used.




The fabric is the most important thing about the structure of a sofa. Texture and stamped fabrics are more tolerant than smooth, you should avoid loose fabrics. By law, all upholstered furniture must be fireproof; A square label with a green border indicates that it is resistant to a lit cigarette and a lit match; A triangular oscillation tag with a red edge shows that the cover is not as sturdy but has a properly fire resistant underlay below.

Covers of good quality:
It is a matter of taste and the practicality of what type of coverage to choose for your couch, the first priority must be quality. Keep in mind that even fabrics of the same structure, may have different qualities depending on their producer. Manufacturers of high level, are testing all the fabrics in their collection. Each material has to pass the Martindale test, which determines how each of them is resistant to wear. The greater the result of this test (larger number), the more resistant and the longer the fabric.




Care and Cleaning:
Depending on what the structure of the fabric is. Can be dry-cleaned or machine. It is certainly an absolute advantage, however, keep in mind that some stains (food, liquid or other things depending on their chemical structure) can be very difficult or even impossible to remove. It does not depend on the quality of the fabric, as it is usually influenced by the type of stain. Therefore, if you have small children, you should choose dark fabrics or natural leather that will be much easier to clean. Remember, if you have your sofa dirty or spilled something on it, try to clean or wash it immediately, no matter what type of cover your sofa has. Otherwise the stains become larger and you will not be able to remove them. Each fabric, depending on the structure (linen, cotton, viscose or synthetic) has its own cleaning recommendation.

If you have a travel jacket you can sit and enjoy your furniture in the best possible conditions