Let’s talk about the lighting

The lighting you use in the space of the living room or living room will depend a lot on what mood you want to give it and what you want to use it for. It will also give you a touch of comfort and tranquility for your eyes in case it is a space to read. Too little or too much lighting is not perfect. For this I decided on this occasion to help you with this giving you the types of lighting for a room.


The 5 best furniture for French cuisine Experience

Hello guys, today I decided to talk about the kitchen, and how to provide it an incredible French style. The kitchen is one of those environments where we spend a lot of time. French kitchens stand out for having a vintage or rustic style. In turn, modern bespoke kitchens are very functional, because not by chance the French are the kings of gastronomy.


Modern Home Decorating Tips

Hello guys, today I want to give you some basic tips for your home decoration, I hope you enjoy them

If you have chosen modern as the style of your home, you are in good company. From 1933 to 1965, designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Marcel Breuer and George Nelson created some of the iconic mid-century modern designs that are so popular today. You can have a modern decor as well, if you follow these tips.

Colors to Decorate Modern Interiors

If you are speculating in decorating some of the interiors of your house you have to follow this little guide on what will be the trend of colors and how to combine it in a simple way.

Beautiful stone tones:

This year’s trend is to paint the furniture or walls with the colors of the beautiful stones. Some shades like sapphire and ruby ​​are the furor in modern interior decoration as well as emerald green, which is used to paint all the walls of a room. Other tones like opal and garnet are used to paint the furniture or a single wall to leave the other things of a more neutral color, such as white.

Things you need to know about modern sofas

Modern sofas are quite different of the ones our parents were used to. Today sofas are better and that is caused to some changes in building, the material used and the care they need

Modern sofas are constructed from a wooden frame, which is made together with blocks, glue and screws. Traditionally, the safety springs are with a strap base, but some sofas incorporate spirals and springs attached to metal bands, which extend from the front to the back of the frame. In a spring design, the springs are S-shaped or serpentine springs are used.

How to Hide Away Your Boiler

If you’re spending time and effort on perfecting your interior design, you surely want everything to be perfect. Part of achieving perfection is hiding away appliances that stick out like a sore thumb. It also applies to central heating boilers.

Most dwellings will have a boiler installed in kitchen, however, there are plenty of layouts where there’s limited space in the kitchen therefore the boiler has been moved to hallway or even a bedroom. That’s where you really need to be creative with hiding your boiler.